Top plate messed up, need suggestions.

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I have made a stupid mistake of drilling a hole with wrong tool and wrong planning. It is 2 top plates(2*6) stacked together of exterior wall in new construction. The wall is parallel to joists.

My original idea is to put a 2 inch conduit for running speaker wires and HDMI cable. Now I am abandoning the idea of conduit.

From my research my understanding is we can put a max of 40% hole in the middle, the big hole is 2 inch which is in center, but those 2 one inch holes to the side are the mess I did. The diameter of the hole is little less than 3 inch's at the max, but the space better the edges of the top plate is 2 inches to one side and to the other side it is only one inch.. the one inch side is towards exterior wall.

How do I fix this? I am thinking of putting a brace on the top, it will close the hole partially and as I am abandoning the idea of conduit I am fine with it. Is this acceptable? I do not have access to the side of the top plate as one side is exterior, he other side there is wood to hold drywall is in the way... so putting a brace to the side is very hard... is putting a brace on the top restore the strength? If yes please suggest the brace and nails...Any other options?

Please advice. Any suggestion is much appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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