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    Hello All,

    My husband and I recently purchased a home with a large master bathroom. The bathroom appears to be an addition made by closing in a breeze way. The problem is the shower it is to small and it can not be enlarged without replacing a large vanity that is in good condition. Diagonally across from the shower is a toilet which if I put the toilet where the shower is located and the shower where the toilet is located I could work the large jacuzzi tub and shower together but I was told that I could put a toilet where there was a shower but not a shower where there was a toilet. Please advise me I need to spend the least amount of money and a new vanity is too expensive.

    Thank you,
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    I'm not sure I understand what "someone" told you. You can tie in a shower (2" drain minimum) into the 3 or 4 inch toilet drain.... but cannot tie a toilet into a 2" shower drain.

    That being said: You can do almost anything - but it will cost. If the price of a new vanity ($200/$500) is an issue - then repiping the bathroom will probably bust your budget "big time"....
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    You CAN put a toilet where there is a shower, AND/OR a shower where there is a toilet, or either one where there is now nothing. BUT, in all cases the piping to them is what determines whether it is a correct installation or not. In other words, when you change the fixture locations, you also have to change some piping.
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