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    Oct 6, 2008
    After removing the original toilet and flange completely, Im at a point where I can install the new one basically anywhere I want (inline with the waste pipe of course). My question is, how far from the finished wall?

    Its a Toto Drake, and Toto seems to recommend 12" from the finished wall. How close does this put the tank to the wall?

    The reason Im asking is because the original toilet was a 12" rough in, but there was a large gap (1.5 to 2") between the toilet and the wall. Same goes for the other toilet in our house.......12" rough in toilet, with a 1.25" gap between tank and wall.

    While everything is uncut/undrilled, I was wondering if I needed to go closer than 12" to snug the tank up to the wall (not right against the wall, maybe 1/2" or so away from it)


  2. Terry

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    Standard rough-in is considered 12" from the finished wall.
    Lately that leaves a gap of between 1/4" and 1-1/8" behind the tank on various models.

    The Drake spec says it would leave 1-1/8" behind.
    If later someone puts tile or wainscoting on the wall behind, you will have less.
    If you decide later on the change the toilet, you may have a different space behind the tank.

    You can cut it back shorter, but you also limit what can be done in the future.

    Toto Drake CST744
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