Toilet noise question?

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  1. Giles

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    I have just moved into a home that is app. 15 years old. It has PVC plumbing with three Briggs toilets.
    All plumbing seems to work well except for one toilet and a sink.
    When flushing this toilet seems to have a small amount of air in its trap.
    When flushed, a small amount of bubbles come from the discharge hole into the water, but it flushes properly every time.
    The sink next to this toilet will gurgle after it has emptied.
    I think the two conditions could be related.
    I am on a septic system and the previous owner had the tank pumped last year.
    Could I possibly have a problem?
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    Sep 2, 2004
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    That branch of the drain may not have a proper vent on that toilet and sink.
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