the fishing trip and facing your fears

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    Two guys went on a two week fishing trip. They rented everything, the rods and reels, tackle, boat and motor, cabin. The first day out they caught nothing. Second day nothing. Third day still not a fish. This went on for the whole two weeks until the last day when one guy caught one fish. As they were packing up to leave the one guy said you know that one fish cost us $3000. To which the other guy said Wow were lucky we didn't catch any more than that.
    It's better when Jesse Ventura tells it.

    They advise you to face your fears as the only way to overcome them. Well the other day as I was preparing breakfast I took this challenge. A guy I once worked with mentioned several times how much he loved peanut butter on pancakes. I was always curious but skeptical. I guess I feared blowing the whole thing and having to throw it in the garbage. But anyway I plucked up my courage and went ahead. I put a dab of peanut butter on the edge of the thing. Kind of like dipping your toe in the water as a test. It didn't do anything for me. I really don't know what he was talking about. I guess I'll stick to my way of butter and syrup with a dab of mustard in the middle.
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