The End of Plumbing as We Know it.

Discussion in 'Joke of the day' started by fullysprinklered, Apr 15, 2017.

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    Jun 15, 2014
    self-employed plumber-electrician doing residentia
    Just saw an ad for Sani-Stick. This is a product that is shaped like, and has similar dimensions like a swizzle stick. You drop it down the drain and it lodges itself in the p-trap and exudes some sort of lubricant that keeps the drains running free and clear. The wife called me in to the LR and re-ran the ad for me. I LMAO.
    Couple of years ago I had a service call down in Marietta in a swanky office building. The sink in the kitchen area of the breakroom was clogged up. I pulled the p-trap down and found myself looking at twenty-seven swizzle sticks jammed into the trap. I showed it to the lady in charge and she threw up her hands and immediately began composing a memo. Must have worked as I haven't been back.
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    Aug 13, 2013
    I had a tenant move out, leaving behind a gurgling toilet.

    Nothing helped, so I pulled the toilet out, placed it in my wheel borrow and took it to the back yard.

    Turned out that it was the toilet where the tenant stashed his penny collection. So many, at least 300 of them. I told my helper he could have them and I even offered him a gallon of Bleach. He took the offer.
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