T&P Relief Valve Question

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    I am going to sleeve a stem wall so the T&P Relief Valve will exit a crawlspace and empty to the outside (6" above grade). I am trying to do the height calculations so that the Top Mount T&P valve will allow the 3/4" copper to pass through the sleeve. Can the T&P Valve be lengthened if I get one with an 8" thermostat probe?

    I just want to make sure I hit the height I need. The tank is a Low Boy Electric.

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    I don't think you are allowed to have the outlet rise above the height of the valve. If it did, it's possible there would be water trapped inside of the drain portion, that could freeze, blocking the outlet which, in a worst case situation the T&P valve is supposed to stop, allow it to build pressure and explode. It can go horizontal from the outlet if there's slope so it drains, but some inspectors and instruction manuals may not allow that. the instruction manual trumps codes, generally. If there are none, the code prevails.
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    sorry, but since the instruction manual is "universal" and the code applies to the local area, IT takes precedence, unless the instruction manual has a "higher" level of safety, which is not likely.
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