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Hi. I have a 12 year old System 2000 that I want to change out the plate exchanger. We recently had a soaking tub installed and girls complain not enough hot H2O and wife doesn't want to hear that the 40 gallon tank and existing exchanger cant keep up. "It always worked before" and "when the guy installed it he said we'd never run out of hot water no matter how many showers we took" . Anyway, I found and ordered a 20 plate exchanger but 3/4 npt fittings wont mate to the (what appear to be one half of a union). I picked up parts available locally at the big box but i think it may be a proprietary fitting on the system 2000 (surprise) or maybe a 5/8 union nut on the 1/2 inch copper. ?? Any takers? p.s. Had recently serviced by not-so-local shop and warrantee is up, said would need doing but hasn't come back after multiple contacts. Left on good terms, maybe just realize there are problems...
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