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Going to be a long post and question so I apologize but this is our first dealing with a crawl space so we are lost and trying to find our way. We moved to South Missouri last year and purchased a house with a crawl space. We weren't really aware of what to avoid in the area as far as low lying property and such so we have been trying to figure all this out as we go along. The house had a very basic vapor barrier... No sump pump... And is a very tight space. Last week we had a major downpour over one night and woke up to hearing water in our hvac vents... Went out to discover our crawl space filled with water. We contacted a local plumber who came out and started pumping the water out. Once it was empty they evaluated and suggested a sump pump which made perfect sense so we okd it. They came and installed it early this week... We then scheduled a crawl space contractor to come and evaluate and quote the replacement of the vapor barrier and cleanup. He looked at the sump pump installation while under there... And brought up big concerns. The plumbers took a 20 inch depth basin... Cut it in half... Placing the top inside the bottom thus making it much more shallow. They also hadn't dug far enough to make the top flushed with the ground so that stands 3 or 4 inches above the ground as well. So he said that with that being up... The actuator wouldn't even kick on till the water reached about a foot of height in the crawl space since it needs to be lifted to even kick on. I contacted the plumbing company who says they checked with their master plumbers and this is normal proper installation. Basically I'm trying to find out if anyone has ever heard of this situation and type of basin installation and who I can believe to move forward. See attached pictures. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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