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Hi there,

The problem is with white/beige solids building up in the sump basin. The solids mostly stick to the inner walls of the basin but are everywhere and eventually enough solids stick to the float, weighing it down enough that it does not invert therefore not turning on the pump. Didn't happen for the first 3 years of living in the newly built house but happened in 2021 for the first time and then again a little over a year later(a few days ago).

-Sump basin receives waste from basement floor which has two bathrooms, one clothes washer, one bar sink, one kitchen sink/DW, and condensate from condensing boiler.
-Tenants live in the basement and have lived there since the house was built.
-Acid neutralizer for boiler condensate looks as if it has never been changed, there is no media left (I don't know if this could contribute to the solids formation but it is one thing that would have changed in the first three years as it would have lost all of its effectiveness after two years without media replacement).
-Hard water is not an issue in the area.
-The solids turn to mush when poked or squeezed. I tried attaching a photo but it said the file was too large for the server to process.
-The pump runs strong.

If anyone has any ideas, suggestions or has dealt with a similar problem and found a solution I would love to hear them, thanks for your replies.
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