Submersible pump stuck down a well

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    Nov 26, 2010
    The problem: We have a Shurflo 12 v solar pump stuck inside the well casing, probably between 15 and 20 meters down. This happened while we were trying to install the pump.

    There is about 20 meters of flexible hose attached to the pump, and the top of the hose is about 7 meters below the top of the casing (we can see it be reflecting sunlight down the hole, and dropped a rope to that level & measured). We can't see far enough to see where the flexible hose is bunching up.

    The support rope broke, so there is nothing at the top of the casing that is connected to the pump.

    Complicating factor: We are in the bush in Sudan, and have no access to experts or a hardware store. There are basic tools and random things like wire, rope, nails, barbed wire, etc. around.

    What we need is a really clever way to grab onto that flexible hose...

    Also, the casing constricts at about 25 meters down (2 meters below the current -end of rainy season -water level, but about 8 meters above the dry season static water level), so if we gave up and just tried to push the pump down, it would still get stuck above dry season static water level, rendering the well un-usable. It is both expensive and difficult to get a well drilled here, so we want to find *some* way to get this back to the top...
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    I'd be happy to help but I can't get a clear picture in my mind. Was there a safety rope attached to the pump and if so did it fall in the well with the pump? Is it a problem of being able to get hold of the hose? What is the hose made of?
    Many times we attach a right hand wound coil spring to a pipe run it in the well and turn it to the right (clockwise) winding the spring up in the wire, rope or hose, then pulling it all up. If possible give me more detail of the problem. I understand fishing tools aren't easly available in Sudan.
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