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    Well, I doubt that, however, I've got another question.
    When I started installing my new Dalton last week, I thought something was missing. I noticed the small "spout" at the side of the blue "valve" and I thought, "Oh no, they left the small tube and "clamp" to hold it onto what I think is called the overflow.

    Notice the two photos here........ Is something missing from the Dalton's parts?? If not, why is the small black tube included with the Fluidmaster and not with the Dalton??
    Thanks, Tom

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    It's not missing.

    Not all toilets use the tube into the overflow.
    The Toto that use the ballcock valve don't have the tube,
    The ones with the Quietfill valve do have the tube.
    Caroma doesn't use the tube either and as I remember, Kohler had a Wellworth some years back that didn't use it either.
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