Studor vent under sink vs out roof

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Tampa, FL
Hi, i live in Tampa Fl. We are moving the kitchen plumbing a few feet under concrete slab during a remodel, therefore the vent pipe also needs to move about a foot. My boyfriend wants to eliminate the pipe from going thru attic and out roof by installing a studor vent with valve under the kitchen sink. We have 2 bathrooms, kitchen sink, washing machine. One exhaust pipe goes out roof at bathrooms, they are close together and share a wall. One vent goes out roof at kitchen sink and a third vent pipe goes out roof at washing machine. My Dad thinks we should move the kitchen vent pipe under the slab when we move the plumbing and reroute it up thru a wall thats a foot away and elbow it to the existing exhaust pipe in the attic so it goes out roof. My boyfriend says since we have 2 exhaust pipes already a studor valve under the sink will be fine. My Dad says it may cause gurgling in the kitchen sink drain. I don't know which way to go.

Can anyone give me some advice if the studor valve under the sink will work or will we regret not rerouting it out the roof.


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Bothell, Washington
I see many new homes in the Seattle area using the Studor or AAV venting for island sinks. Like hj mentions above, the vent through the roof is always better if you can do it. Before the AAV became popular, and Island was vented like the picture below.

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