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    OK, this is only a TINY question compared to the HUGE task in front of me - but wanted to see if anyone can help -

    I have a NUVO whole house audio system with 6 individual zones - 2 zones of challenge.

    One) Living room and dining room are adjoined with large open archway, making them too much like one area to make them two seperate zones. However it would be practical to have at least a volume control (or fader?) in the smaller dining room, while the large living room contains the main control pad (and volume control) from the amp. So with the primary output from the amp going to the LR speakers, how do I hook up two sets of speakers, matching impedance, without damaging anything?

    Two) Theater room - if I use a speaker pair in that zone for the whole house audio, how can I also use them as the rear speakers for the 5.1 theater sound system?
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    Just T-off and run the amp to both volume controls (LR and DR) then run your wires to each set of speakers from the individual volume controls. As long as all speakers are matched you won't have any issues.

    2.) If it's a theatre room then I wouldn't bother with connecting it to the whole house. Since it's a theatre you should have a seperate amp, receiver, etc. running everything in there and have no need to connect it to the rest of the house since it will be used 99% of the time for movies. If you want to listen to music while in there just kick on your receiver and enjoy it in surround, just my opinion.
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    Actually, T=ing off of the Amp from the same output adds Impedience to the Output, which is bad. In something like this, you need a Multi-Room Amp, or Sound system, not just a standard off the shelf system.
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