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    Well, well. I had no idea Mr Love had an irrigation forum too :)
    I had 6 Hunter spray sprinklers on one station. An installer added two more. I was concerned from the beginning that he would need to split that station into two. He didn't but should have. When I called him with pressure problems, his answer was to change the spray sprinkler heads to mp rotators (so far I am NOT impressed with these sprinkler heads) This isn't working out either. Half the time the heads don't come up all the way and the water puddles around the sprinkler head. I can touch the top of the rotators or pull up on the stem and they'll spray correctly but the answer is creating a new zone! I'm done with this guy tho. Apparently making two zones from one is a lengthy ordeal? Can someone briefly tell me what is involved? I know it's not a whole system pressure problem because the other 5 stations run perfectly at the time station 4 isn't. Also, the rotators don't rotate as fast as what I see on videos demonstrating these sprinkler heads. Again, this seems like a pressure issue.
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    You have to install a new valve, assuming your controller has an empty circuit to attach one. Run a pipe from that valve to a point where you can cut into the existing zone to create the new one, then connect your new pipe at that point, after capping the pipe you cut off of the old zone. Installing that pipe is where it can become difficult depending on how far you have to go to make the connection.
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    Monica, It does sound like a pressure issue, but it's a pressure issue on this one zone. You haven't told us what your system pressure and flow rates are, or what spray heads you are using other than the switch to MP Rotators.

    If your contractor told you to switch to MP Rotators and didn't do it himself, then you are right in getting rid of him.

    Normally a zone is pretty much maxed out when first installed. I wouldn't put an extra head on a zone unless it can take the extra pressure loss. I love MP Rotators, but they have to be used in the proper places, and they need pressure to run properly.

    Splitting up an existing zone isn't difficult, but it can be time consuming, so it will cost to do it properly.

    Let us know what happens

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