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    Jun 23, 2010
    A special education teacher decided one day that she would try to teach her kids how to sing. She would keep them in at lunch and recess and work with them. Each day she would drink some TAB and eat an apple. The kids would eat their lunch while they worked on the singing. A couple of months went by and it was just not going well. She announced to the kids that she was not going to do this anymore. One little girl came to her and said "Teacher, I weally, Weally want to learn how to ting" So the teacher kept working with her. One day the little girl forgot to bring her lunch so the teacher gave her some of her Tab and a apple. And the teacher worked with her for awhile. The teacher told her to try to sing and suddenly the little girl sang with the voice of an angel. It was truly amazing and this gave her an idea. The next day she brought in enough Tab and apples for the kids. She passed the Tab and apples out and while they drank the Tab and ate the apples she worked with the kids. After they were done eating and drinking she told them to sing. They all sang with the voices of angels, it was a miracle! They became internationally famous flying all over the world performing and recording many records. I'm sure you have all heard of the ........Moron Tab and Apple choir.

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