Softener and Catalytic Carbon Filter Sizing Question

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Very informative forum run here and has been helpful. Would appreciate any advice that is offered relative to sizing for a new softener and catalytic carbon filter. Thinking at least 2.5 cubic feet for softener and 2.5 cubic feet for the catalytic carbon filter. Is this adequate or undersized based on data below and attached water report from the city?

Water = City Water (City sources primarily from wells and supplemented with some surface water from Brazos River)
Water Service = 1" copper that feeds into 2 per manifold for distribution
Home SF = 5,300 square feet under complete gut remodel to current code (no water usage data available for my family as we don't live in it yet)
Kitchens = 2 (2 dishwashers and 3 refrigerators)
Bathrooms = 4 full baths and 2 half baths (1 tub, 3 showers, and 6 sinks)
Laundry Areas = 2 (one full sized washer, one compact)
Wet bars = 2 (2 sinks and one separate ice maker)
Water Heaters = 2 (both tankless, rated 9 GPM and 10 GPM)
Hose bibs = 4
Sprinkler System = yes, but it is separate from the home's main line.
Occupants = 4 but may be 5 if my son moves back in after college next year

Hardness per City Report = ranges from a low of 9.06 GPG in 2015 to a high of 20.99 GPG in 2019. 2020 was 16.25 GPG, 2021 was 12.46 GPG
Chloramines = 4.0 ppm in 2021 - data ranges from 3.44 ppm to 4.10 ppm between 2014 and 2021
Other Nasties = Yes, see attached water report from City of Sugar Land

Any help is appreciated.


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