Sioux Chief Water Hammer Arrestor - Problem Solved?

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Anyone have trouble with Sioux Chief Mini Arresters for water hammer?
I poured vinegar into a failed Sioux Chief Mini Arrestor used on a washing machine, let it soak for 90 minutes or so, rinsed it thoroughly, and replaced. The Arrestor is now working perfectly. I'm not sure if the fix is due to:

1.) The vinegar actually removed calcium/ hard water build up from the cylinder that prevented the piston from moving properly.
2.) Shaking the unit after rinsing unstuck the piston and the vinegar didn't really work.
3.) The piston still doesn't work, but now there is an air bubble again in the upright cylinder. The air bubble actually stops the hammer, not the mechanical components.

About seven years ago I installed two Sioux Chief Mini-Arrestors behind my new LG washing machine because the LG rapidly pulses its fill valves, especially near the cycle start. All was good for about four years. Then the cold pipes started banging again. First I reached out to Sioux Chief about the warranty and received no response (to this day).
I then removed the Mini Rester, noticed the piston was retracted compared to the matching unit on the hot line. (The cold is used a lot more than hot).

Eventually I ordered a new Mini Rester for the cold side and all was good for a few years. But then the same problem happened on the hot arrestor. This time I tried cleaning it, and so far it is working again. I'm curious about any other experiences with Sioux Chief or similar products, e.g. Oatey.

I originally purchased Sioux Chief at the Depot of Homes, but their water hammer arrester supplier du jour is currently Oatey. I think the latter is made in China, the Sioux was made in USA. The price of the Sioux Chief today is over 2x the 2016 price.


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Thanks for the report.
You might benefit from a water softener, and not mainly to keep your water hammer arrestors from liming up.
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