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    I'm doing some planning for installing the drain waste system in a new home. We're installing two kitchen sinks, one single and one double. Both are made by Kohler and both measure 9 5/8" from the rim to the bottom of the basin. The specifications for the sinks show the rough in for one to be at 15" below the rim for the double sink, and at 14" for the single. I set up the drain pieces on a table and measured from from the strainer basket to the approximate location of where the p-trap will enter the sani-tee. This measures 8 or 8 1/2". When I add the depth of the sink to the length of the pipes underneath it, it comes to 17 1/2"-18". It seems to me that having the sani-tee centered at 14" or 15" below the rim would be too high. Or maybe I'm misreading the Kohler diagram.

    I realize the tail piece can be shortened but not much on the continuous outlet for the double sink. So I'd like to know, what is the standard height at which the sani-tee is installed? I realize these measurements would be affected by the height of the cabinets and the flooring. If you prefer to give me the measurement in terms of height above from the subfloor, that's fine. Just specify please.
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    It is very much dependent on the sink, and should be installed lower yet if there is any likelihood of a disposer being installed in the future.
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    I would go with 16" from the subfloor with a 10" deep sink.

    The last thing you want is water setting in the disposer.
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