Single Valve Drip Line - Winter Blow-out

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    I have done some YouTube and forum research, but cannot find anything specific to my situation so I wanted to get your input here. We have a small, single zone drip line system for our back yard flower beds. Over the last several years, I would just pay the company that installed it to come out and winterize it. I watched them do it last time, and to my failure, I did not note all of the steps. Specifically to the step of hooking the compressor up to the PVB. I have seen conflicting information online about blowing out the system through the PVD; however, this is how the sprinkler company has done it and that is the only connection point within the closed system.

    Here are the steps I am planning to follow for the winterizing:
    1) Turn off water supply in basement. This line is tapped into the cold water supply line upstream of the hot water heater. *Yes, I know the picture shows the supply valve already off. We had a quick two days of snow here and dropping temps so I shut off the supply, ran a quick 2 min cycle to purge lines and then shut-off controller.*

    2) Open the testcock valves outside at the PVB and then unscrew the small brass cap just upstream of the supply valve to drain the line upstream of the PVB.

    3) Connect the air compressor to the testcock, turn on compressor to 50 psi and run few mins on the cycle from the controller.
    *Which testcock should I connect to?*
    *Do you know what attachment to the compressor hose will work?*

    4) leave testcocks and valves at PVB to half open.

    Looking for input on steps and help with questions listed. Thanks in advanced!

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