shower over bath: type of bath ?

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    I understand that it may not be wise to go for an acrylic bath as my shower is positioned over my bath. There may be movement and the tiling may not stay water tight. Fine, so, if I go for a pressed steel bath is there a particular thickness of steel that I should aim for at a minimum - 3.5mm has been mentioned.. but this may be just to get me to spend more money than necessary....? any ideas?

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    Don't worry about it...the joint between the tub and the tiled walls should be caulked anyways. Most manufacturers specify supporting the edges of the tub with a ledger board and bedding them in mortar so they are quite sturdy if installed that way. If you don't like the look of caulk, and others make trim pieces that are flexible that take the place of caulk at corners and changes of plane (look at Dilex profiles). Put it together right, and it isn't a problem. Avoid the steel tubs, it doesn't take much to damage or dent them, and then they rust.
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    A steel tub is the absolutely last option. Even a horse watering tub would be preferable. There are no 3.5 mm enameled steel tubs. You might be hard pressed to find one 1/16" thick. The durability of your installation depends on how you install the tub and its surround, not what the tub is made of.
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