Shower leaking

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    Jan 20, 2006
    We purchased an old house that has what appears to be a custom shower stall, no tub. There are 2 knobs (1 hot, 1 cold) and a shower head protruding from the wall -- no name brands on anything. The problem, if we just turn the knobs off manually - the showerhead still flows water, we have to use a wrench to turn the knobs further to get the showerhead to stop flowing water after we shower. Is there anything we can do to repair?
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    The valve body can usually be replaced. You might also need to replace the valve seat (if it is a replacable type). A picture would help. Normally, if you take the handle off (usually a screw behind a decorative cap you pry off the front) you can then remove the decorative trim and then take the valve out. Take it to a good plumbing supply house, and they can usually match it up with a viable replacement. The big box stores carry the more common ones, but sometimes the generic replacements aren't the best quality.
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