Shower head flow restrictor blocks all flow??

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    I lost all flow from a rainhead showerhead quite recently. The whole installation is quite new so corrosion effects to this point are minimal, and there is plenty of pressure coming out of the open shower arm. That leaves the rubber three-holed flow restrictor and the mesh screen. When removed for inspection, neither is the slightest bit plugged. They do look slightly bunged-up as if they got squished a bit too far in the original assembly of the shower head onto the shower arm... but really they don't look damaged or broken in any way. When reassembled though, the flow continues to be totally plugged.

    I now realize I haven't any idea how tight to fasten the head up against these rubber fittings. Presently, it is just hand-tight so my only option is to make it tighter, not looser. Is the flow restrictor deforming and closing itself off somehow when the water pressure hits it? I could remove it altogether, but would rather order a replacement if anyone could point me towards a supplier of these things.

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    It sounds like the head was cranked onto the arm too much. In my experience the end of the shower arm should not reach the internal components of the head. Try using teflon tape on the threads of the arm to tighten the thread and seal the arm to the head. It should not be cranked on so tight that the end of the arm bottoms out in the head.
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    Can you post a picture? That would help.

    The last 3 showerheads I installed at my house had rubber gaskets which make the seal against the end of the pipe. I would think that is what you have, since if you have a mesh screen, it has to be held down by something - and the something is the end of the pipe.
  5. jadnashua

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    Sep 2, 2004
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    Most showerheads use a tapered pipe thread. There are some that use a plain thread, and those, like a hose, need a rubber gasket to seal. Make sure, if the head came with it's own arm, you don't substitute a generic one with tapered pipe threads.
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