shower drain collects white smelly crust

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    Aug 29, 2005
    I am new to this.
    A year ago we had our shower newly tiled and had new drain put in. The opening of the drain at the top is 4 inches and the drain itself is only 2 inches. Not sure if that is exact measurement but close. When I look down into the drain it has a white smelly crust that i can break and crumble off on all surfaces under the top screen and some of it is stringy white stuff hanging down into the drain. What made me look was that there was this mildew smell coming from the drain after a shower and sometimes smelling up the whole bathroom. I had the contractor come look. He said that the water is hard and we are getting chemicals precipitating out of the water and leaving this crusty white stuff in the drain. He also said that there are 3 holes in the inside fo the drain where the mortar under the tile drains into the drain hole. I cannot find those 3 holes anywhere. Does this make any sense about my shower drain? Why do I have this crusty , smelly, white stuff in my drain. I live in Oakland Ca where we are supposed to have great water. Please help.
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