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  1. rhildreth

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    Jan 5, 2008
    Hello Everyone,
    I am just completing our master bath remodel. All has gone pretty well with exception to the shower door. I have twice tried to attach the base of the shower door frame/track to the tub and both times it has come loose. What else can I use to attach this base to the porcelain tub? I have tried a small bead of silicone. When that failed I tried liquid nail and now that has failed too. What else can I use? When I took the old shower door base off there was a VERY stick putty every 6 inches or so. Does anyone know what this putty is or have any other ideas? I did not scruff the surface before I put the Liquid Nail should I have done this? What about 2 or 3 screws through the porcelain in addition to the liquid nail? The tube does have a very slight bow to it but only about 1/8 inch.

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    I believe it is DuPont that makes an adhesive-sealer called "PL5200", and that stuff will do the job. You should be able to find it from a dealer of marine products or supplies. Online, try "West Marine". For boaters, PL5200 is about the equivelent of the adhesives land-lubbers use to attach and seal windshields onto car bodies. It can even by successfully applied underwater!
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