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Discussion in 'Plumbing Forum, Professional & DIY Advice' started by jjyoung500, Jan 13, 2018.

  1. jjyoung500

    jjyoung500 New Member

    Jan 13, 2018
    Long story short....plumber said I needed new shower cartridge because i had shut my water off in an unrelated incident, turned it back on and then had no pressure and no hot water at only one shower (upstairs). I assume he thinks there is some debris in the cartridge. Everything else was good. Did pull some debris out of a bathroom faucet. So I ordered a cartridge that appears correct and I still do not have good water pressure. I do have good hot water there, but the pressure is awful. Any tricks to reinserting a cartridge and having better success?
  2. plumber69

    plumber69 In the Trades

    Jun 20, 2014
    Prince Rupert, British Columbia
    Pull off shower head. Clean.... your plumber was wrong
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