Sharkbite needs Poligrip

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    I made it about a mile down the road before the customer called me back. He had the water mostly mopped up by the time I got there. I was halfway through with a small repipe when my day ended. I temporarily reconnected the bathroom group to the new Pex using a 3/4 slip Sharkbite coupling that was already there, one that I had installed a year before to cut out some pinhole leaks in the copper. He immediately fired up the washer a started his laundry, and that pushed the used SB fitting pretty quickly. I replaced it with a new one and headed home.

    Looking straight down the barrel of a new slip coupling and you see the stainless teeth with the o-ring mostly hidden behind it. On the used fitting the only thing visible was the o-ring. The teeth were totally retracted and stayed that way.

    I like Sharkbite fittings for the most part and will continue to use them. The slip coupling solves a lot of problems in places where the pipes can't move to allow cutting out bad sections of pipe. I will be checking them closely in the future, but will probably not be reusing them. I later removed three of them on another job I did, also from pinhole leaks in the copper. No teeth showing on them either.
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    Interesting. I'm a user of sharkbites as well around my house so it's good to know that the teeth need to be checked if they're to be installed again. I wonder if that part is replaceable...
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    I don't reuse..........

    Corrugated supply lines to water heaters.
    Stainless braided supplies to faucets and toilets.

    If I remove those items, they get tossed and a new one installed. Most only have a 10 year warranty at best, copper gets stiff on a second time bending, rubbers washers take a set and if moved may not reseal. The last thing I need after a repair is to hear that what I just worked on is dripping.
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  5. SWong

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    Mar 5, 2016
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    Getting another good education why my fears about never using Sharkbite fittings. "If" I ever had to use SB fittings I'd make sure it was used only on exposed pipe and I'd watch them like a hawk. Propress fitting give me pause also because sealing depends on a crushed rubber seal. Terry IMHO probably has seen more nightmares than the average homeowner and reading his thoughts on these fittings will be permanently etched in my head. Nothing beats threaded followed by sweating a quality copper fitting.
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