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Hello all,

I have a river house that is lifted in the air that has a shallow well pump with a single 1.25" pipe going into the ground. The pump was around 20-25 feet above the water in the well. We recently lifted the house up about 6 or 7 feet higher in the air and found the pump was not working and after doing some research found that these pumps are only good to about 25 feet. I am wanting to hear some suggestions on how to get around this issue without spending a huge amount of money on someone to drill a pipe into the ground big enough for a deep well. From what i have seen i cannot simply installa deep well pump into the same pipe since they need a larger diameter pipe.

One of my ideas was to keep the pump at the same level as it was before but I am not sure if that would work since the tank would now be below the house. If I got some sort of booster pump to pump the water from the tank (at main pump level) up to the house would this work? If anyone is very knowledgeable in this stuff please let me know what my best option would be.


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About 25' of lift is as much as you can do with a shallow well jet pump. The closer the pump is to the surface of the water the better. So, yes you can move the pump back down to less than 25' and it will work fine. The pressure tank and pressure switch can stay with the pump, they just need to be set about 10 PSI higher to make up for the extra push needed. The jet pump is the booster pump you need, it just may need to be a stronger one. A 1/2HP jet pump may only work with a 30/50 pressure switch, which isn't enough to make up for the extra height. You need a jet pump that will work with a 40/60 pressure switch to make up for the difference. Your may do it, and all that is needed is to turn up the pressure switch. What pump do you have?
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