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    May 22, 2005
    My whole house works off of one of these. I have used three plumber so far ... first took advantage and broke screws off so now can't fasten lid properly. Second plumber installed new pump that works well, but he doesn't respond to calls and now the third has a great reputation but doesn't do alot with these.

    Problems: 1.) My lid is rusting through ... how do I get a new lid that fits with breather pipe and ejector pipe e.g. if call plumber does he have custom cut or should he be able to find one premade 2.) Screws broken off inside of threads .. the third plumber said I would have to get someone to drill them out and 3.) the system gets full of clumps of gunk and gets caught with the float or the float gets gunked up every three months or so, then I spray down with hot water -- should this be necessary or are there alternatives to cut down on the junk build up.? Lastly, the second plumber that installed the new pump let a 2 inch diameter opening where the electrical comes out .. obviously gases come out too.

    Looking for good help and good advice. Suggestions please.
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    you got troubles.

    I have a situation just like you describe with one customer...

    If your ejector pit does the whole house,
    instead of just a dwonstairs bathroom
    it is technically a glorified "grease trap"

    and no pump will pump grease..for long. it sticks to the sides of the pit.

    anyway, we have had to change out pumps for this guy twice over the past three years....

    they clog up at x-mas when its bitter cold

    the grease gets solid in the aint pretty either.

    and somehow its my fault too,
    I must live there and put the grease down the sink too.
    or I sneak into the house at night and pour grease down the kitchen sink.

    Its not their fault.

    my suggestion, which I suggested to my customer is to get a new round plastic lid somewhere and simply glue it down to the lid with

    SILICONE from DAP...or ALEX laytex from DAP..

    ... and adapt the pipes to the lid .....

    silocone seals up everything real good...just go out and buy about 5 large tubes of it and lay in thick everywhere

    I suggest buying the CLEAR kind...
    then I stated it might be a good idea to cut out a round "access panel " in the plastic lid to be able to get into the pit without having to take off the complete cover...every year ...

    its the only way to gain access and spoon out the grease from the pit without having to tear the hell out of everything.....

    and its easier to change the mercury switch on the pump too....

    just figure on cutting a hole and bolting a larger piece of plastic to the lid

    cause this is a problem that aint going to ever go away....
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    It appears you received a "cheap" system, not the proper one for a whole house installation, (the plumber was either the cheapest bidder, or did not know a lot about whole house ejector systems), and it is too late to do anything about it now, without several thousands of dollars in revisions. The bolts should have been brass or stainless steel, but you may be able to rotate the cover a little and drill and tap new holes. The lid is available from the manufacturer of the basin. The manufaturer will also have the rubber grommet that goes into the 2" hole and seals the wires.
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