Severn Boiler - anyone heard of this

Discussion in 'Boiler Forum' started by novicepiper, Sep 19, 2009.

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    Ive done a little bit of reasearch regarding this model:

    The boiler tag says this:

    Serial Number - W21 C2H

    Standard Sanitary & Dominion Radiator Limited - Which I believe is now American Standard?

    Any Inoformation anyone could offer would be great looked on Goggle but I couldny find anything...


    THE REASON - this boiler was installed in 1956ish and has had less than $1000 spent on it since the install date

    Im looking for parts maybe and possible contact information regarding a company that can tell me more about this boiler model

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    I remember the boiler. It's a big cast iron unit with front swing doors, that was capable of burning coal and wood and sometimes was converted to gas. Hugely inefficient!

    You are right about the American Standard, the Standard Sanitary & Dominion Radiator Limited company and foundry that produced boilers, radiators, drains and other items later became AS.

    Finding info will be difficult, although not much to know as it was a simple unit, anything added such as a gas train was most likely aftermarket anyways.
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