Septic tank saga

Discussion in 'Toilet Forum discussions' started by mariner, Jun 1, 2006.

  1. mariner

    mariner New Member

    Sep 23, 2005
    Hixon, BC
    Hi everyone,

    A few weeks ago I made a post about the septic tank and problems I have been experiencing. So, here is an update for anyone that might be interested and hopefully, they won't make the same mistakes I made.

    I purchased a property in the country, from an old couple in their mid 80's. I was assured that the septic system was working fine and that they had not had any problems with it in the 15 years that they had lived there. Well, to make it short, it seems that I have been taken by this old couple who have lied through their teeth about numerous things - the expensive thing being the septic system. I will be doing my utmost to take them too court so they have to pay for the repairs to bring the system up to code.

    Moral of the story here is, if anyone is looking at purchasing a property with a septic system, be smart and wise and get the septic system itself inspected, seperate from a house inspection. Don't rely on the owners - no matter how old or decent they appear to be, cos liars come in all ages, shapes, colours and sizes etc.

    The inspection I had done found that the tank had never been pumped out since installation (inspectors words not mine) and the lids/covers had to be broken to get them out of the top of the tank. The tank ended up being four feet below grade and did not have risers for the lids!!!! The pumper truck had to pumpp and back flush a couple of times to get things moving as well as me having to add lots of water to help thin out the contents. Considerable digging was required to expose tank and the main pipe into and out of tank. Outlet pipe broken in two places about six feet apart, close to the tank outlet. A road was made that went over the outlet pipe that appears to have caused the damage. Drainfield failed due to heavy solids carryover from the full septic tank and the extended time it was left in the full condition.

    Expensive repairs needed to bring the system up to code. I still have the soil evaluation to be done to see if the new drain field can be installed with out the expensive pressure system. Failing that, then the is the option of a lagoon setup (I am on 150 acres, so I have the space to do it) but would want it quite a distance from the house.

    Just thought that someone else could perhaps, learn from my experiences and not put themselves in a similar situation. It is expensive enough moving to a new proprty without the added expense of repairing a septic system.

  2. Cass

    Cass Plumber

    Nov 12, 2005
    When asked I always recomend a septic inspection on a home purchase but alas most people think it is a waste of their $$$$.....that is until they find problems.
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  4. Mike50

    Mike50 DIY Senior Member

    Jan 8, 2006
    Southern California
    Well, firstly I want to thank you Mariner-you and some pros convinced me to address my system. I have a new tank going in very soon.
    I'm really sorry for what you have had to deal with. It's just unnacceptable and AFAIAC ignorance is no excuse for possible fraud. You were told everything was A-OK and you moved in.

    My tank lid failed and was replaced months before I moved in--and Yes I was told the previous owner was a sweet little old lady and her daughter. (Animal lovers-horse people) right.
    You are Not alone.

    Is what happened to you criminal..? Let the courts decide.
    I'm Mad as hell just reading your post. Screw Her. I hope you are able to make them pay
    and prove they had prior knowledge. :mad:

    I would never leave someone with a failing septic system. What goes around comes around.

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