Septic tank/grease trap?

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    I have a separate septic tank for my kitchen sink (a grease trap?) which has now backed up into my backyard. It is a 100-gallon tank with clay drain pipes. It appears that the backup is due to the clay pipes either shifting, or being interrupted by tree roots. Either way, my question is whether it would be better in the long run to redo the drain field, or if I should just divert the kitchen sink into the main septic tank, as was suggested by my local septic tank company.
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    I once had a situation like yours, and that is what I would suggest unless your septic tank is too small to handle the additional load. In my own case several years ago, I only had an 800-gallon septic tank at the time...but then discovered an older 500-gallon tank nearby that had been abandoned and managed to get the two working together.
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    grease trap

    Grease interceptors are NOT like septic tanks. They are holding tanks to catch the grease and retain it until it is physically removed. MILLIONS of homes have their sinks running into the septic tank, so if your grease trap is "really" inoperative, and not just in need of pumping, which IS the proper maintenance for a grease interceptor, then there is no problem with connecting it to the septic.
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