Schedule 20 for Tub Drain?

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    Apr 13, 2013
    "1-1/2 plastic Tube" for Tub waste and overflow?

    I am installing a new tub in my 2nd floor bathroom and trying to select the drain hardware. The local big box store sells tub drain kits using either "1-1/2 inch plastic tube" or Schedule 40 PVC.

    The advantage of the "1-1/2 inch plastic tube" system in my situation is the pipes and joints are smaller (the space is tight) and they screw together so I can adjust the fit if they don't go together exactly right the first time.

    The kit I'm referring to using "1-1/2 inch plastic tube"

    keeney plastic kit.jpg

    The manufacturer describes the tubing as "1-1/2 inch plastic tube" and it's the same system you might see used for an inexpensive sink trap: white plastic with compression fittings that you screw together. No glue like regular schedule 40 PVC.

    I understand why a leak under a tub is bad (won't be able to see, mold, etc.) and I definitely want to avoid a leak.

    The guy at the store argued strongly that I should NOT use "1-1/2 inch plastic tube" for a tub drain because it will leak. Makes me wonder why they sell them, but i guess that's what you get at big box stores...

    I see lavatory drains all the time that use the "1-1/2 inch plastic tube" system. Why can't I use that same system for a tub waste and overflow? Is this type of system inherently more likely to leak?

    Thanks for your advice!


    ps - I edited my original post because I was referring to the system as 'schedule 20' which is apparently not the right name. Also cleared up that I am referring to a tub waste and overflow kit.
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    What you are refering to is a waste and overflow,the parts that attach to the tub.Am I correct? This is what I have installed on all the a lot of tubs.

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