Sand point well install. Will this work?

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Hi all - I’ve reached the end of the internet watching videos and reading forums and I still don’t know what way I want to do my well. Im in central FL and have jetted in 3 wells years ago (with mediocre success) for my sprinkler system. Those were the 2” sleeve washed down with 1-1/4” well pipe with the inside couplers. Long story short those couplers never felt good and I have leaks somewhere.

That being said - I want to put in a new shallow well with a pitcher pump to water my garden. More than anything just for fun. After researching everything I’m still torn as to:

doing a steel driven well (nervous it won’t go as planned and I’ll lose expensive material

Wash in another pvc well (already proven to leak in my world)

Hybrid system (this where I’m leaning)

Of all the videos I’ve watched I like the one I saw where a guy washed in a 3” pvc sleeve down to about 15’ then washed out below that for a while before dropping in 1.25” galvanized pipe with a foot valve. Seemed to work but I would think a true well point would perform better? Basically I’d go down 15’ in a sleeve then drive the well point down another 5’ or 7’ below the bottom of the sleeve. In theory it sounds like easy driving since the first 15’ will be in an open sleeve. Is that doable or do I need the support of the dirt for stability for the driving?

Also if this sounds plausible, do I necessarily need drive rated pipe and fittings since I’ll only (in theory) be tapping the point down 5 or so feet?
I’m having trouble finding 1.25” pipe, let alone the drive rated pipe. I’ve read on here that I should get the “good” pipe but how does a layperson like myself know what’s good and what’s cheap?

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