Running wire between studs

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    I'm remodeling my bathroom. Around the new airbath, I have built a podium that is about 20" high. This is basically a box around the tub. The box is about 12" from the wall on 3 sides.

    The power for the tub comes from the wall, and I was planning on running it along some of the studs for the box, and then into an outlet that is near the motor for the tub.

    The question I had is what codes apply to running the wire along the studs. I'm used to going THROUGH studs or between them when the wire is in the wall. But in this case, since it is all accessible and will all be covered by the surround, I can run it any route I want to get to the motor.

    I see at least 2 options:
    1) Run the wire down the wall stud, across the floor, and along the bottom of the studs of the box. I'll then run it about 10" up one of the box studs into an outlet. Since the whole box area will be covered, I figured running on the floor and along the bottom of the studs would be okay.

    2) Run the wire down the wall stud, and then over to the box studs at 10" off the floor so that the wire is never actually on the floor. I'd then run it on the outside or inside of the box studs (no drilling of holes necessary) over to where I need the outlet.

    I wasn't sure if there were codes about running along studs, either at the bottom or the sides.

  2. Alectrician

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    Jun 15, 2007
    You can run it however you like as long as it is secured close to the box and supported. The last couple I have done I just let the outlet box float in there for future access/service. Not legal but it's safe and it's not going anywhere.
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