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First, thanks to Terry for creating this site. :) I've been spending a lot of time on here lately learning about toilets.

Now, my question: Is the rough-in the distance from the closet bolts to the drywall or the distance from the closet bolts to the baseboard molding? I'm trying to figure out if I have enough room for the toilets I'm looking at: Toto UltraMax II and Toto Drake II (formerly known as the one- and two-piece Gwyneth). I have 11.5 inches to the drywall and 10.5 inches to the molding. I suppose I could get thinner molding if I had to...

Thanks in advance!

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Rough-in is measured from the finished wall (Not moulding) to the center of the drain pipe or flange. This is the same as to the flange bolts that hold the toilet down. In modern homes, the standard rough-in is 12". Unfortunately, many times for whatever lame excuses they come up with, the actual distance may be more or less. To make it even more interesting, many toilets claim to be 12", but will install in quite a bit less. There does not appear to be an exact standard in the industry. I know that many Toto toilets listed as 12" will install in as little as 11-1/2".
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