Retaining Sleeve -old to new on Price Pfister

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    Sep 6, 2012
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    I am replacing a Price Pfister Shower surround handle. I believe it is an Avante, I am replacing with an Avalon. Ihave spoken with Price Pfister and their plumbers. It appears that in 1988 the contractor installed a white plastic sleeve as an adapter at the time to fit PP old retaining sleeve (1 1/8 inch). They discontinued that sleeve, and now only carry and distribute the 1 inch sleeve with all models. They recommended that I remove the old white plastic adapter (that slips on over the valve), the problem is that the screws to do so are behind the fiberglass shower stall. I would like to avoid cutting the shower stall or hiring someone to do this work. My question is:

    Does anyone make a 1 1/8 inch polished crome retainer sleeve that I could use. Since it is just a sleeve, and polished crome is a popular finish, I don't care about mixing brands on just the sleeve. I am assuming that maybe another company or even generic one would work since everything else from the Avalon kit works great, just need a retaining sleeve to fit this old plastic piece on the outside of the valve. Thank you so much.

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