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    I have a home that is on well water, at some point previous owner had a slab leak and the hot water was redirected overhead at the hot water heater. The copper coming from the pressure tank to feed the water heater and house is 3/4". The hot water that was originally feeding from the hot water heater to the house was 3/4", but when they went over head they used 1/2" copper from the water heater. All fixtures are supplied with 1/2" copper ( 3/4" to 1/2" T's from cold water side and straight 1/2" from hot water side.) I am currently remodeling the back shower and adding a 2nd valve mixer and shower head and wondered if I will have a supply problem with the 1/2" hot water line?
    If I were to re-plumb the entire house, what would be my supply requirements as far as pipe size for 2toilets,1 shower with two mixers/heads,1 tub/shower, 3 bath lavitories, 3 bibs, 1 kitchen sink, 1 dishwasher, 1 clothes washer, and 1 laundy sink. Single story longest run from hot water heater to T for fixture is appox. 55' and the distance from hot water heater to pressure tank is 15', ans pressure tank to well head is 20'. I currently have a 250 gal. galv. pressure tank and will be replacing with a 86 gal bladder style. May also install a water softener.
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