replacing hydro-indexing valve

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    Jun 21, 2009
    Space Coast, FL
    Hello gurus,

    I have a 4 zone shallow-well system in Central Florida that's about 12 years old.

    I need to replace my FIMCO 4 port 1-1/4" hydro-indexing valve and, since the rest of the system looks original, would like to "upgrade" to a digital controller and electric solenoid valves, and possibly a Vu-Flow inline filter.

    Since the ball valve is frozen in the 1-1/2" main supply "header", I cut out the entire assembly and attached the photo here.[​IMG]

    Interestingly, what appears to be a return line to the well does not have any pressure regulator other than the fact that it is reduced to a 1" line about 4" past where I sawed it off in the photo.

    Thank you
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