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    Our basement bath's ejector pump started tripping its GFI power. It was a DIY project done by someone else 35 years ago, but the pump itself is only 2 years old.

    It turns out the large container wall (not the pump well) has a hole that allowed rock and dirt to tumble into the basin (maybe because of shifting soil due to heavy rains this winter?). The cover for the small pump well itself had been cracked for years, so the rock and dirt got into the pump well, jamming the pump.

    The first estimate we got here in Seattle was for $14,000 for complete replacement of tank, pump, and re-plumbing to code up to the cast iron (minus concrete work). I was a bit shocked. Is that a reasonable cost?

    I'm considering patching the thin-wall plastic ourselves. We'd use 2 thin pieces of sheet metal wrapped around the outside and inside of the basin, sandwiching the plastic hole, with bolts, nuts, and washers holding them.

    In my 20's, I'd have done this DIY in a second, broke and confident as I was. But now, in almost 70 and not broke anymore, I'm not so keen on the project, not the least of which is because it involves a risk because of digging and working under the concrete topper. And of course, working around sewage sucks anyway.

    I think I've just talked myself out of the DIY approach! :D Any comments?

    What should I be asking the plumbers coming out this week to give estimates? I know costs vary by region, but what should I expect this to cost? Does anyone know a good company here in Seattle that does this kind of work?

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    In this case I would get 3 estimates and compare apples to apples
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