Removing/Replacing Sink from Granite Countertop/Vanity Top

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  1. wagcheck82

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    Mar 25, 2009
    I bought a 31" pegasus granite sink with the intention of swapping the white undermount sink for a bisque one. I need to remove the white sink, but when I remove the mounting bolts (wing nuts pin down the metal flanges that support the sink), there is what looks to be an epoxy that is holding the sink to the granite.

    I've seen that I can apply heat to the seam, and cut the old sink and epoxy away from the granite, but that I run the risk of cracking the granite. What is my best method to do this swap? I have a heat gun, and I suppose I could use my torch, but I just don't want to ruin my granite countertop!!!

    Any help would be appreciated - thanks!
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    It really depends on what it is really attached with. Is the existing sink porcelain, or cast out of something? You might get some help at They have some people there that deal in stone for their livelihood and would have some idea on how to do this. It would be easier if you could remove the top.

    WOrse comes to worse, a diamond cup grinder would probably work.
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    that sounds like fun

    you better be alwfully careful with that little project..

    see if the material used is hard or soft....

    if you are lucky and it is soft,
    you might be able to get a razor knife or
    something akin to a steak knife in between the granite and the old sink.... then you got to saw and pry your way all around that sink,...

    this I have done before with a serrated steak knife
    but I was lucky enough to only have to saw through old silicone..

    good luck....have fun.

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