Recommendations please: 10" rough, ~15" bowl height, powerful flush (have kids)

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    Thanks Terry for this awesome site. I'm looking for 3 new toilets for my home and would like some recommendations. At least one toilet has a 11" rough in, so I'll assume a 10" rough is needed for that application. Since we're not particularly tall, a 15" bowl height is preferred. I'm having trouble finding something with the 10" rough in, so please help. We also have kids, so a powerful flush is needed! Thanks in advance.
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    A couple of comments: FWIW, in MA, even though you may find a toilet in a local store, if you're getting a permit for the install (and technically, you are supposed to, but few do), if it isn't on the MA approved list, it would not pass. So, you might want double-check the MA official website to verify your decision is actually 'legal' to install. Your choices for 10" rough-in toilets is restricted. There are some toilets that have a significant space behind them, so some 12" rough-in toilets may fit. Most of the time, you can fudge the centering of the toilet on the flange and gain maybe 1/4". So, a toilet that normally have 3/4" behind them, with that extra 1/4" you fudge, you might have a larger selection. Also, make sure you are measuring from the wall, not the baseboard.

    It's getting harder and harder to find low toilets. The height of a typical dining room chair is 16-18", and many of the new toilets are within that range once the seat is installed. As the population ages, that extra height is appreciated.
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    Okay, a couple of points.

    We have been recommending Toto products on here for a long time (at least most of us have), and you can see that they are quality products that use standard, readily-available parts, and flush exceptionally-well. When the Original Drake came out, people were so amazed with its flush. I remember a review written by one guy that was so happy that he admitted to calling out "TOTO!!!" every time he flushed his new original Drake.

    The original Drake CST744E in the 12" rough-in version will usually fit on 11" or even a nudge less without needing to cheat with the closet bolts. That's 11" from FINISHED WALL to CENTER OF FLANGE. If you have the full 11", and you don't have a thick baseboard molding, it should fit fine. I have one on 10-15/16".

    So you might just be able to order 3 of the same thing. Presumably your other toilets are on 12" roughs.

    The height of the Original Drake bowl (without the seat, which adds between 3/4" and 1") is 14-5/8". So you are right where you want to be.

    And the thing is a steal at a street price of about $220 in white.

    And honoring Jim's comment, if you look here you can see that the Eco-Drake CST744E is approved for use in Massachusetts. USA Inc&model=cst744e&product=&description=&psize=50

    Here is the spec sheet for the toilet:

    For a little more you can get it with the Sanagloss coating: CST744EG That helps keep the bowl a little cleaner. I don't have it on my Drakes, and I don't find them difficult to clean, but I do have it on my Carlyle II, and it does help.

    The recommended toilet is a 1.28 gallon-per-flush toilet which qualifies for Watersense rebates in some parts of the country. Go to this page, and highlight "toilets" and MA and you will see the districts that currently have rebates for purchasing a toilet like this (seemingly rebates from $75 up to $200 in one place): They say Acton, Canton, Dedham, Georgetown, Danvers, Sharon and Walpole, but best to click on that web site and also click through to see the latest from the actual jurisdiction.

    Even though it's a watersense toilet, the MAP Rating folks have it down at more than 1000 for the MAP rating. You have to look carefully on their site; they have a "CST744EL" at the top of the chart in one box and "CST744EL ADA" in another box. That's a mistake; it's CST744E, because the EL is the ADA version. However, if you look at the little box below that shows the toilet as CST744E(G), which is correct, and that it's made up of a ST743 tank and C744S (or SG) bowl, which is how the CST744E is composed, you'll see the MAP rating is ">=1000". That's one impressive flush -- maxes out the scale.

    Let us know how it goes.
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