Recommendations for the average intelligence tile setting homeowner: Shower edition

Discussion in 'Shower & Bathtub Forum & Blog' started by dented, Nov 25, 2012.

  1. dented

    dented SomethingWittyHere

    Nov 25, 2012
    Utah, United States
    My wife convinced me we should replace the claustrophobic troubled shower in our house. We bought this house this summer, and knew right away the shower was a problem because we could see the mold from an adjacent room, where the drywall was cut out to illustrate what a great deal the place was. For someone with deep pockets. Heh!
    Right, so with the advent of the internet, so many options for the DIY seem, well, almost attainable. But which ones really are?
    I have tiled before, with success. I have even plumbed before with varying degrees of success. I didn't have to call in a pro, and everything worked as it should, even passed inspections.
    With that in mind, we cautiously decided we might be able to do this ourselves. And that's where we are now, having sawzalled out some stuff, and ready to really make the hard choices.
    First of all, I was sold on a pre-made pan, but the dimensions don't work quite right. It leaves an odd space adjacent to a toilet, and beside the shower in a corner if we use the largest we could find. Too deep for a cabinet, and awkward to access. We think we might be able to tackle a DIY shower pan. Or can we?
    It's not a lot of complicated dimensions, and there isn't much for walls, just a few. With no considerations for ADA, it should be pretty straightforward. She wants glass walls, but not all the way to the ceiling. She wants a linear drain with a single slope floor, if possible. She has picked out some huge tiles that were special order, and will be here in a few weeks, looming, reminding us that we haven't finished the walls and floor yet. Or even made a cohesive plan.
    And that's what I need help with.
    How do I decide what system to use? Kerdi, Webi, sheets of rubbery stuff, etc? It should be simple for the simple minded, compatible with the linear drain she wants, and not cost as much as a motorcycle. Because that's what she really wanted but is getting a shower instead.
    Is there a book, youtube videos anyone would recommend to watch? Not about the motorcycle, but the mudding of the shower.
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    Sep 2, 2004
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    An advantage of using a linear drain is a single plane that is easier to tile...BUT, big tile CAN be quite slippery. This is one reason why most often, smaller tile are used since there are more grout lines that can add grip. Some big tile aren't like an ice skating rink when wet, some are quite dangerous - alright for a wall, but lousy for a wet floor.

    Several of the 'systems' houses, Wedi, Schluter, and likely most others, have some videos on their websites along with installation handbooks describing how to install. There's a Tile Council of North America (TCNA) that has a handbook that describes all of the tested and approved methods (that work reliably anyway) of how to do most anything with tile, including showers. They do charge for the handbook, and you can download it in toto, or in parts.

    A shower, properly constructed, with an approved method should last a very long time with no problems. Skip a step, or try to 'wing it' on your own, and there's no guarantee it will work.
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  4. dented

    dented SomethingWittyHere

    Nov 25, 2012
    Utah, United States
    Hold on a second here. First off what type of tile did your wife pick? Does it have enough grip to be used in a shower?

    Interceramic Linen, Smoke color. It has some texture, not smooth.

    What type of linear drain are you looking at? Some are primary shower drains and some are not. The ones that are not primary drains work with a primary drain like a three piece clamping drain.

    Unsure, probably best to settle on the rest first? Looking for advice.

    If you are planning a pre-made pre-slope your options in linear drains drops to three choices - Wedi, Kerdi and Proline.

    Unfortunately, I am not following you. If you mean using a pre made pan, I am afraid to say that it won't be possible with the dimensions she wants. I was against a huge shower, but I am not sure what else we can do with all that room otherwise. No doubt a sixty inch shower is fine, and a pre made pan would be really easy and much much faster. I am still hoping there is a way, but I haven't found it yet.

    BEtween these three Wedi and Proline offer up the most selection in setting material.

    Between those two Wedi's pan is more of a solid piece and Proline's is more of a honey comb you infill.

    Can you get access to Laticrete, Mapei, Ardex or Custom Setting materials?

    I am just outside SLC, so unless I have to be a contractor to get them, I can probably buy them somewhere here.

    IS cleaning a concern with this drain?

    Not sure why it would be, we don't live in a museum, but we do clean the shower somewhat regularly.

    Do you need a hair strainer?

    I live with two girls, so it's not a bad idea. Do you think I need one?

    Do you want it to light up?

    :confused::D Is this a joke? If there are drains that light up, I am pretty sure I wouldn't want one. Heh!
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