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    Quick question relating to a washer hookup under IPC:

    I have a washer where I am replacing the line and p-trap. I know that I need to connect to a branch or stack that is 3" or larger under IPC. I also have a floor drain in the area that I need to try to tie in. Can I merge the two 2" lines (washer and floor drain) and then run to the 4" horizontal line under the slab? or do I need to expand the floor drain line to 3" and then tie in the 2" washer (then run to the 4")? Wasn't sure since the floor drain would be considered an "emergency floor drain", so has 0 dfu.

    I suppose that I need to either do the latter or run separate 2" lines until I hit the 4" one. The 4" line is under the slab on the other side of a block wall (say 24" horizonal distance from washer p-trap). The wall is load bearing and the current CI pipes run under the footing without any protection that I can see.

    This work is being done as there currently is no venting on the basement plumbing.
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