Questions on a Goulds JRS10 at 208v.

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    Feb 23, 2012
    Hi all, I just moved into a place with three-phase running through a shop in addition to the 240 for the house. The home's pump is a Gould's JRS10 that had originally run on the shop's circuitry, but has been tacked into the home's at the expense of a baseboard heater (I think the seller shut the three-phase down for a while when the house was on the market). I was going to just reconnect it to the original wiring and get my baseboard back, but I was surprised to see the tag on the pump mention only 115/230. To me, this tag implies that 208 would not be appropriate for the pump. Does this seem right for all you folks with direct experience here? I suppose they either (a) had the pump running on 120 from the shop, and switched it over to the house's 240 or (b) ran it on 208 from the shop, advisable or not. If I can't run it on the shop's 208, what do I lose by reverting it back to the 120? Just efficiency? It claims to draw 13.4/8.7. Does this translate into a big change on the electricity bill. Thanks in advance for any input on this matter,
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    Nov 17, 2011
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    You do not loose anything by running it on 120V except for the size of the wire, I would run #12 for your 13.4A motor. Your name plate rating is strange as the 240 volt rating should be 1/2 the 120V rating. Since the electric meter measures both phases on 240 you will pay the same with double the amps on 120V

    Most motors are dual rated 208/240 but it appears that yours only has a 230V rating, wire it for 120V and be done with it.
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  4. valveman

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    Mar 15, 2006
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    Lubbock, Texas
    Nearly all 240V motors will run fine on 208V. Just makes it pull and extra amp or so more than when on 240V. Just make sure to only use two of the three phase legs, and make sure you don't use the high or wild leg if there is one.
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