Questions about new copper line to PVB

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    Aug 29, 2020
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    Thank you for your time and appreciation. I have come back after a few months studying up on Irrigation and installing the front yard system. I now feel confident enough to tackle some copper pipe. *DIAGRAM BELOW*

    I want to do some work on the existing copper supply line (coming into the house)as well as run about 15 feet of new pipe to my PVB for irrigation. Homeowners are allowed to do their own work as long as a permit is pulled (in my area).

    • Replace 50+ year-old copper pipe
    • Replace all sharkbite fittings(3/4" 90 degree, 3/4"coupler, 3/4" ball valve)
    • Run new 15' section of 3/4" copper pipe to PVB for irrigation.
    • Add two more shutoff valves (3/4" ball valve for house, 3/4" ball valve with waste cap for irrigation winterization).
    • Use solder connections instead of sharkbite
    • Install water hammer arrestor *for sprinkler system*
    • Use pipe insulation to protect against the outside wall, and to help reduce noise (some*)
    • Install PRV (for house in future)
    System details
    • 65-93 PSI Static pressure
    • 3/4" line from meter
    • 14GPM available (sprinkler zones only use a max of 6 GPM)
    What would you do in this situation? I am new but want to do the job right the first time.

    I will be drilling through 5 wood studs and 4"-6" thick concrete foundation to the PVB. Also, where there is the first 90-degree turn (to the PVB) there is a window frame about 1" away from where the pipe would go.


    Thanks for your time!!
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