Question regarding floor drain and sump pump combo

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    I just cleaned up from my second sewer backup in the last 7 days. The first time we got about 7 inches or rain overnight and this time we got 7-8 inches in about 2 hours. When the sewer backs up, its all storm water so at least its not sewage. The end result is around 5" of water in the basement. Once they open up all of the sewers, it all drains out within a half hour. I also have a fair amount of water coming in through the walls due to the water flooding in the street and having it come almost all the way up to the house.

    Right now there is a main floor drain with another line running to it from the drain tile. The drain tile is from 1948, so its pretty much useless at this point. It gets to the point where there is a small drill hole in the block about 6" off the basement floor and the water shoots out like a stream during one of these heavy rains.

    I would put a backflow valve in the main line, but the problem is that its about 4 feet under the slab so it would require a lot of work and its a duplex. Being a rental property, everyone just flushes everything and I dont want to have to rely on the flapper actually closing in order to save the basement.

    I would just put a flood guard valve in the floor drain, but Im a little worried about the amount of pressure that would build up.

    So let me know if this will work.

    Replace floor drain
    Put T in the line just below the floor drain.
    Put a flood guard valve above the outlet on the T
    Run the T with a 3" line to a sump pump in the corner
    Also do a interior tube along the 2 walls that usually get water and run that into the sump
    Run the sump under the back yard into the parking slab in the alley

    My thoughts were that this would prevent the sewer from backing up over onto the floor without building up pressure. It would just go in the the sump crock and get pumped out. Any of the water building up on the outside of the foundation would be taken care of by the new interior drainage tube.

    So would this work? Is there something that is against code with this?
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