PVC drain line repair

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    Sep 12, 2018
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    Hello everyone,

    After opening a ceiling for another repair, we discovered the following situation: a PVC drain line servicing a pair of bathroom sinks had been damaged during installation by the torch to sweat the copper supply lines. This drain line has a pinhole leak as a result, apparent when both sinks are being used. The attached photo shows the damaged sanitary tee which is connected to one sink drain on the horizontal, another sink drain on the vertical (right side of photo next to ceiling joist), and the downstream shared drain on the remaining horizontal. The vertical drain connection seems to use an eighth bend street elbow as the horizontal drain lines are offset to the left by about one pipe width from the vertical. It is that vertical drain that is giving me headaches since I don't have access to the section above the subfloor unless I decide to chisel it out and using a slip joint coupling on any portion below the subfloor probably extends that drain line below the horizontal. I believe NY plumbing code will allow me to use a quarter bend on that vertical drain to connect to the horizontal but taking a quarter bend elbow straight into a tee/wye sounds like a drainage problem? Needless to say, I'm planning to move the copper supply line to the left away from the drain beforehand. I was also told that NY plumbing code prevents the use of mission fittings on above ground PVC drains which is a shame since mission fittings might come in very handy here, especially since the horizontal lines are installed in a way where they can't be moved much and may not have much play in them. Any ideas and comments much appreciated!

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    Are you sure they don't allow these couplings with the metal wrap on them? Nobody lets you use the all rubber couplings above ground.
    They should have had a wye or combo fitting there, not the santee. They ran that pretty tight. I normally run more offset so that my fittings don't need a santee for the installation. Never a santee there.
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  4. GMS99

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    Sep 12, 2018
    New York
    This is the section of the NY plumbing code for sanitary drainage as it relates to PVC:

    705.11 PVC Plastic
    Joints between PVC plastic pipe or fittings shall comply with Sections 705.11.1 through 705.11.3.
    705.11.1 Mechanical Joints
    Mechanical joints on drainage pipe shall be made with an elastomeric seal conforming to ASTM C 1173, ASTM D 3212 or CSA B602. Mechanical joints shall not be installed in above-ground systems, unless otherwise approved. Joints shall be installed in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.
    705.11.2 Solvent Cementing
    Joint surfaces shall be clean and free from moisture. A purple primer that conforms to ASTM F 656 shall be applied. Solvent cement not purple in color and conforming to ASTM D 2564, CSA B137.3, CSA B181.2 or CSA B182.1 shall be applied to all joint surfaces. The joint shall be made while the cement is wet and shall be in accordance with ASTM D 2855. Solvent cement joints shall be permitted above or below ground.
    Exception: A primer is not required where both of the following conditions apply:
    1. The solvent cement used is third-party certified as conforming to ASTM D 2564.
    2. The solvent cement is used only for joining PVC drain, waste and vent pipe and fittings in nonpressure applications in sizes up to and including 4 inches (102 mm) in diameter.
    705.11.3 Threaded Joints
    Threads shall conform to ASME B1.20.1. Schedule 80 or heavier pipe shall be permitted to be threaded with dies specifically designed for plastic pipe. Approved thread lubricant or tape shall be applied on the male threads only.
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