Push or pull irrigation water

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    Related to previous questions... but would it be better to have a pump 75' from lake edge and draw water through a 2" inlet pipe, or push water through the 1 1/2" outlet side of the pump and have pump very close to waters edge.
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    A pump pushes better than it pulls. The cost difference with smaller pipe is negated by the longer wire. Code also probably dictates how deep the wire must be buried which may influence the decision.
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    What is the level of the lake water to the house?

    Look at the chart for the pump you are considering. It will show GPM per ft of rise where the pump sits above the water. I could not find a chart for height above the pump. This is a typical chart. It's not so much the length of pipe, it the height. If the pump has a 2" inlet the outlet will be 2" Use 2" up to the point of the irrigation manifold or zone valve, if any.

    Be sure to get a "Irrigation or Sprinkler" pump, not a jet pump. 1HP & 1.5HP can be 120v or 220v. 2HP& above is 220v only. Always try to run a motor on 220v volt. It will run more efficient and cooler.

    As far as where to place it comes to convenience, maintenance. Generally you want it next the the irrigation controller at or near the home. In Florida, thousands of homes use lake water for irrigation and the pump is next to the home with maybe an average height of 5' above lake level and 100 or more feet from the waters edge. When working on the irrigation system, you want to easily turn the pump on and off or even to prime it. I'm sure you'll need an air compressor to blow out the system for winterization and may need to remove the pump for indoor winter storage.

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    I tell people, "You can pump the water to the moon, but you can only "suck it up" 24 feet.
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