purging warm water from cold line

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    Jan 12, 2012
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    Hello to everyone-

    I sure hope someone out there can help me out. There is
    a house, 7 stories including basement, just under 15 feet wide (welcome to NYC). the cold line was uninsulated and goes up a chase with radiant heat lines, hot water line and hot water recirculator line (dedicated hotwater return line as well).

    Surprise surprise, the cold line is heating up. In the morning you have to purge for 4 minutes to get to cool water. Even with adding retrofit insulation where I can, there are enough elbows etc that I cant cover now, that serve as therrmal bridges. I am looking into relocating the cold line but easier said than done.

    The question is, is there a timer pump, drip system or something that can be set to purge a gallon an hour from the cold line to keep the line cooler? This could be done at the sink level or could be attached to the lines. I could purge water to HW recirculator, hot line (with recirculator it shouldn't change temp that much) or right into the waste line (I know not PC but average new york family of four uses 120 gallons per person per day and this house is for 7 so its not that bad). Ideally, I wouldn't be jerry rigging a component but using a component made for this purpose. I figure Texas, Florida and arizona would have a greater problem with this so maybe something is out there. Any help would be greatly appreciated
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